My AGayCollab vid for the week- we write letters to all of our Gay Collabers. Did Josh Rimer make a porn with MaverickMen?



Comic Book day! New Masters of the Universe #15 and Amazing Spider-Man #4

Yeah, yeah, I know. I gotta get up and go to work. Damnit brain! Stop lecturing me!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I gotta get up and go to work. Damnit brain! Stop lecturing me!




Hey there, I hope all is well. I'm looking to get a custom made costume. Any advice on how to get one made?

What’s the costume you want to get?

Do you play the Xmen battle of the atom card game?

No unfortunately I’ve never played it

Hey Paul. Thought I'd share my plug for your site. I had a conversation with a guy over World Pride weekend, told him to check out gaycomicgeek. He's a big fan of MOTU. Speaking of MOTU think will ever get a new movie?

We might get a new Masters movie one day. But they’ve been promising that for years. By the way, thanks for plugging my site dude!

You are most welcome! So if i wanted to send you stuff, maybe as in like superhero unerwear, could I do that! I would love to show you!

I have a PO Box:

Paul Charles
PO Box 144261
Coral Gables, FL 33114

The 3rd scene from’s Gay of Thrones series came out. Of course I had to do a video on it. To see the UNCUT review, go to my website:

What brand of jock do you use for cosplay?

It’s a cheap generic brand I bought like 6 years ago when I first started to costume. They’ve lasted pretty good through the years. 

There isn't enough pictures of your back around showing off that kryptonian!

I should post more of that. 

I know this might be a dumb question but.. Are you coming to comic con and if so, who are you cosplaying as???

No comic con this year unfortunately. It wasn’t in the budget.

hi I just wanted to ask what do your feet look like ?

Like regular. No scars or anything like that, if that’s what you mean.